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Group and Whole class text , song and dramma activity (Parts 1 , 2 and 3)

Part 4 can be done individually (either done in class as a a task or quiz, or submitted to the teacher in class or by e-mail) pairs or groups of three .

Students carrying out the writing task in pairs or small groups may work online on the writing task (They may use Google docs)

Listen to the song and watch the video clip

Watch another video clip of the song

She's Leaving Home - The Beatles

A wonderful Generation Gap song

Song activities


Parts 1, 2 and 3 - original activities that appear on the above mentioned site

Note: I have added a few words and / or sentences. Additions appear between brackets [ ... ] - Eduardo Lina (E.L.)

Part 4 - Source: Eduardo Lina

[Same groups ] - E.L.


Topic Song:   She's Leaving Home (Lennon/McCartney) 

[The Beatles -Youtube link ]

[Magic Numbers - She´s Leaving Home (Beatles Cover) - Youtube link]

[1. Discuss the song in groups ] E.L.

    [Name another group speaker who will later report to the class] - E.L.


[Who and what is the text about? Explain] - E.L.

[Which problem(s) does the text bring up? Explain] - E.L.

PART 3 Role-Play  (see Evaluation page - includes Scoring Rubric)

Work in pairs or groups of three. Role-play one of the following situations:

1. A son / daughter decides to leave school start an artistic career. The family has invested a lot in their child's future and want him/her to get a degree. The son confronts the family.

2. A very conservative family's daugher is pregnant. The family wants the girl to get married. She doesn't want to The family talks to her

3. A teenager enjoys hanging out a lot. Her parents think she should stay home and study. There is a great show this Saturday, but the teen's parents know that there is a very important test coming. They talk to their child.

PART 4 Writing

(See Evaluation Page - Poem / Song Writing activity - includes rubric)

Writing task (100 points) (by Eduardo Lina)

Your school newspaper has asked you to write an article to explain whether this poem / song succeeded in establishing a significant theme.

In your composition, you may relate to the following points:

·        How it relates to The Generation Gap theme.

·        Whether the speakers / characters are realistic or not.

·        How relevant the poem / song is nowadays.

Write  100 - 120 words. Divide your writing into paragraphs (introduction; body, conclusion) Use connectives. Pay attention to Grammar and spelling.

(Teachers may ask you to either hand in the composition in class or e-mail them the Word document on which you have written your article. You may be asked to send it as an attachment)

Note: See Evaluation rubric (Your composition will be evaluated using this rubric)


Source: Original Rubrics State of Israel Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport English Inspectorate   (Grades have been adapted)


Writing Rubric for


10th grade pupils 4 and 5 points Bagrut level


11tth / 12th grade pupils 4 points Bagrut level


11th / 12th Grade pupils 5 points Bagrut level

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She's Leaving HomeShe's Leaving Home
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